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Stretch Fraise


A longtime seller of Seilin & Co.
Extremely comfortable with a gentle fit, made from our very own original fabric.
Made in Japan, using high quality and durable material. It has become popular regardless of gender or age.
Fits into all kinds of occasions, stretch fraise is a true basic of Seilin & Co..

* stretch fraise is a registered trademark of Seilin & Co.
Patent Number:978105
Registration Date: September 8, 2017


  • [ About the Fabric ]

    Made from 95% Cotton 5% Polyurethane, this uniquely tough and comfortable fabric that we developed for our HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET label has been a key factor of the brand’s lineup since its launch in 1995. It features a comfortable stretchiness and kickback without any unpleasant tightness. Durable item that will last through many times of washing.

  • [ About the fit ]

    Stretch fraise was first developed as an innerwear. Therefore, it is made to fit your body and is designed for a fairly slim cut. We recommend you to take the next size up of your usual size. It shrinks a little when washed. Please avoid tumble dry.

  • [ About sewing ]

    Stretch fraise is sewn with a flat seamer sewing machine. When sewn together with this sewing machine, the seams on the reverse side become flat, and do not cause any unpleasant itchiness on your skin. This sewing method is usually used for clothing that come in direct contact with the skin, such as baby clothes, underwear and swimwear. Sewing with flat seamers require high skills and effort, especially when you are sewing soft stretch fraise materials.

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